About Us !

Goat Pass Guides offers guided run and kayak trips on the Coast to Coast route. It's a chance for C2C aspirants to train on the famous Goat Pass and Waimakariri River in a safe and social environment prior to race day.

Our services are designed so you can check out the mtn run and kayak on the same weekend. Or just one or the other if you prefer.

Our expert-led mountain run trips are are headed by Chris Cox and his crew of experienced mountain runners at Goat Pass Guides. 

The kayak trips are headed by the experienced team at Canterbury Kayaking.

Being a high mountain environment, the Coast to Coast route changes frerquently, sometimes several times a year. We are experienced participants and outdoor exponents. Clients receive instruction on route choices, techniques and skills and up-to-date route notes. Every client gets the attention they deserve.

We highly recommend booking  our run and kayak trips to help you for this coming Coast to Coast. Goat Pass Guides are the most experienced providers.

Dates & Fees

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Run Dates for C2C 2022

  • Saturday 27 November 2021
  • Saturday 11 December 2021
  • Saturday 18 December 2021
  • Saturday 8 January 2022
  • Saturday 15 January 2022
  • Saturday 29 January 2022

NB: Other dates & 1-on-1 trips can be organised as demand requires.

Run Fee

$230.00 per Person (inc GST)


Your Run Fee Includes:

Travel Assistance:  If necessary, we can arrange travel to/from Christchurch and/or shuttle transport between start and finish of our guided runs.

Technical Expertise:  Our run leaders are experienced outdoor enthusiasts and Coast to Coast participants themselves. They have run Goat Pass several times a year for the past 20 years.

Personal Attention:  We take one-on-one runs and group runs, where we guarantee a ratio of at least 1 leader to every 5 runners. No one else can offer such a personalised trip.

Coast to Coast Experience:  Our run leaders have extensive experience at the elite level at Coast-to-Coast. As well as the run trips, they offer expert training and mountain advice.

Our Runs Are Not Rushed:  You want to know everything you can about this run, so we spend the time to help you achieve exactly that.

Safety & Logistical Support:  Our runs trips are operated under a D.O.C approval and an audited health & safety plan. Our run leaders make your day out safe, convenient and add value to your experience.

Detailed Route Notes:  Every year we do pre-season recce's establishing the best route for the C2C ahead. These notes are available to all run trip attendees to take away and study.

Kayak Dates for C2C 2021

  • To be confirmed

NB: other trips are available on Canterbury Kayaks website.

Kayak Fee

$390.00 per Person (inc GST)

See Canterbury Kayaks website for full info on kayak trips.


Your Kayak Fee Includes:

Travel Assistance:  If necessary, transport and/or shuttle transport between the start and finish of your guided paddle trip (kayak hire is available if needed, with additional cost of $50).

Technical Expertise:  Kayak trips are led by NZIOA-qualified instructors, Canterbury Kayaking. Paddlers must have their Grade 2 certificate (if not they must have or hire a sea kayak for the trip).

Personal Attention:  Their paddling trips guarantee a ratio of at least 1 leader to between 2-4 paddlers, so you get the attention you deserve.

Coast to Coast Experience:  Their leaders have extensive kayaking and specific Coast-to-Coast experience, as well as knowledge of the Waimakariri River. As well as showing you the river they'll have great tips and skill advice.

Their Paddling Trips Are Not Rushed:  You want to know everything you can about this river, so they spend the time to help you achieve exactly that.

Safety & Logistical Support:  Their Paddling Trips are operated under an audited health & safety plan. Their leaders make your day out safe, convenient and add value to your Coast to Coast goal.

Meet Our Run Guides

Founder - Chris Cox

Goat Pass Guides was established by Chris Cox in 1996. Having run the grueling Goat Pass since 1983, Chris has covered the 30k course more than 100 times. As a life-long tramper, climber, runner, race organiser and industrial safety consultant, Chris is the sport's most experienced and qualified Goat Pass guide. From competing in 1983's inaugural C2C, to winning team titles and holding the run record for four years, to being the oldest to break the magic 3-hour barrier, no one has more experience on the C2C run than Chris.


  • Inaugural Coast to Coast Participant - 1983
  • Coast to Coast Run Record - 1990
  • Eldest Sub-3hr Runner - 2000
  • 1st Coast to Coast Open Teams
  • 1st Coast to Coast Veteran Teams
  • 1st NZ Road Relay Veteran Team - 1995
  • 3rd Christchurch Marathon - 1993
  • Organiser Christchurch Marathon - since 1996
  • Organiser Avalanche Pk Challenge - 1995-2014
  • Organiser Bell Hill Challenge - since 2006
  • Tramper & Climber - since 1970
  • Industrial Heights Trainer - since 1990
  • First Goat Pass Guide - 1996

Sia Svendsen

I started with Goat Pass Guides back in 2013. I've participated at Coast to Coast several times and been in the outdoor industry all my working life. I've lost count of how many times i've run across Goat Pass. But I have run it pretty much every year since 2003, usually several times per year. As a guide these days I love being part of other people's Coast to Coast journey.


  • 1st Coast to Coast Women's Teams - 2007, 10
  • 1st Coast to Coast Tandem Teams - 2017
  • 1st Red Bull Defiance - 2014, 15, 16, 17, 18
  • 1st Crater Rim 52km Ultra Run - 2018
  • 1st Mt Somers 42km Mtn Run - 2018
  • 1st Spring Challenge Adv Race - 2008, 09, 18
  • 1st Godzone Adv Race - 2016 

Martin Lukes

I've been a runner and outdoor enthusiast for more than 30 years, from formative teenage years with the Hutt Valley Tramping Club through to marathons, 100 Mile ultras, Adventure Races, and of course a few stints at Coast to Coast. I started with Goat Pass Guides in 2016 and enjoy seeing people get the same enjoyment out of the outdoor as I do.


  • First unsupported traverse of South Island - 1994
  • Extensive Alpine Climbing and Trekking in NZ
  • 3-time winner Kepler Challenge
  • 5-time NZ rep at 100k World Champs
  • 5-time winner Buller Marathon
  • 1st inaugural Naseby 100miler
  • 1st inaugural Northburn 100miler
  • 5th Southern Traverse
  • 6th Eco Challenge.