Guided Run Dates

Dates for C2C 2018

02 December 2017

10 December 2017

06 January 2018

13 January 2018

27 January 2018 

NB: Other dates may be organised as demand requires.

Run Fee

$350.00 per Person (inc GST)

Your Fee Includes

Detailed Route Notes.

Shuttle Transport between start and finish.

Travel assistance to/from Christchurch.

Advice & Assistance with training.

Other Training Runs

For friends training together.

For expert "one-on-one" guided runs.

"Power Walk" trips.

Dates available as required.
Fees confirmed on enquiry.

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Any Queries, call Chris - Ph: 027 293 8309

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The Run

Most New Zealanders know something about the Coast to Coast. Anyone who has ever done the 248km event knows only too well the demands of the famous mountain run across Goat Pass. But as Michael Jacques explains, there is more to this famous run than just a race.

My first memory of the Coast to Coast is of someone grabbing my arm as I was swept down a flooded river.

It was 1984, only the second year of New Zealand's most famous race, and the year that Robin Judkins gleefully refers to as the "year of the rain."

I was 17, weighed about 60kg and found myself swept away in the very first river crossing. The strong arm dragged me across the river and once upright I discovered the arm belonged to a mountain goat of a man complete with a woolly beard.

As I spluttered and caught my breath the old goat duly inquired as to my health. But in a mixture of awe and adrenaline I just shook myself out like the young pup that I was and toddled off up the Deception Valley with a huge smile on my dial...

I was more than all right - this was the most exciting thing I'd ever done in my life!... Click Here for More.

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